Summer Brings Out the Hottest Sexy Babes


I think I might live in the best city in the world. Everywhere I look there are sexy babes walking around. I especially like it in the summer as that is when they get to wear those tiny, sexy, skimpy clothes. I really enjoy those hot, short, tight miniskirts. If I’m extraordinarily lucky, they aren’t wearing any panties with these short skirts, either, and that makes it even better.

It does make it a bit hard, though, when you are horny and having to see all those beautiful women walking around. They seem to be everywhere and I have found it is rather difficult to walk with a hard on 24 hours a day. Those sexy babes know exactly what they have and how to show it off. Trust me, that is exactly what they do around here. The ones who wear those little tiny bikinis that looks like two Band-Aids with a piece of dental floss in between them are the worst of all. Don’t even get me started on the ones who like to wear thongs!

I do enjoy watching them lay out in the sun working on their tans, though. That is the perfect time to watch those sexy babes because of the fact that they usually have their eyes closed. You can fantasize about them all day long that way, and they won’t even notice you staring at them. Although, you can get into a lot of trouble by doing things like that when you DO get caught. I had this one babe’s boyfriend catch me staring at her while he was putting sun tan lotion on her back. I thought I was going to find the end of the road when that monster of a guy jumped up and ran toward me. Luckily for me, I can make my eyes go in different directions at will and he got pretty embarrassed when he thought I had really bad lazy eyes. I can laugh about it now, but at the time, I was sure he was going to kill me.

There’s nothing like going out early and catching sexy babes during their morning runs. I really like the ones who come to the park and do all their stretching before the running. That is a huge turn on for me and I could spend all day watching them if I had that option in my life. But, alas, sometimes I DO have to go to work.

Feeling Like a Champion Again


Just a few years ago, I was a professional surfer and going to the beach was what it was all about. Not only was surfing the main reason, but you just have to see those bikini babes that like to hang out and watch us all day long. You can get some of the hottest women in the world hanging all over you if you are a professional surfer.

In fact, there was this one time that I was practicing for nationals and three of the hottest beach babes ever were hanging on every word I said. Not only were they watching me practice, but they were waiting for me on the beach with towels and drinks every time I came in. They even stayed out all night with me and went to all the clubs. Those were the three coolest bikini babes I have ever met, and, man were they good in bed, too.

There is something about having a threesome with bikini clad babes that you just have to try out if you ever get the chance. Not only will they be almost too much for just you, but they have a tendency to do things to each other that no ordinary women would do. It is my opinion that bikini babes are some of the hottest in bed the world over, and I have the experience to prove that. Even if you only get the chance to go to bed with just one of them, you should try it.

After I lost nationals, they, of course, went home with the winner but those particular beach babes will stay in my mind for the rest of my life, that’s for sure. Not only that, but I was lucky enough to get some pictures and a video so I can watch it any time I feel like reliving that part of my life. That made losing in nationals well worth the trouble of all that practice. Yeah, I will owe those bikini babes for the rest of my life for what they showed me the night before I lost.

What sweet memories I will have of that small patch of beach and those hot babes who did everything in their power to make me feel like a champion, even though I hadn’t even competed as of yet. Losing was the farthest thing from my mind at that time. I think that competing might have even been out of my mind, too, that night. Maybe that’s why I lost. Whatever the reason, it was well worth the rest of it.

The Pleasures of Having Nude Babes for Room Mates


I’ve seen a lot of nude babes in my life but nothing has compared to what I saw in my own backyard a few years ago. It is one of those things that I tell people about and they just shake their heads and laugh at me. They laugh, that is, until I show them the pictures of that fateful day.

I had just had my roommate leave and put an ad in the paper to find someone to take the spare room in the house I was renting. I needed someone who could not only cover their part of rent but who enjoyed hanging out and having some fun, also. I sure found it in the girl who inquired about the room.

After a few days of getting used to each other, she invited her two friends over to do some sun tanning in the back yard. I had no problems with that and went about my normal business. That was until I looked out and saw three nude babes in my yard laying on a blanket and rubbing lotion on each other. I had to take a few minutes for it to register in my mind as to what was going on. However, when I saw my new roommate kissing the other two naked babes, complete with tongue, I knew I was instantly in heaven.

They saw me looking out the window at them and asked if I wanted to join in on the fun. Of course, there was no way I was going to turn down three nude babes in my back yard wanting me to join them. I couldn’t get out there fast enough! That was probably the hottest time of my life and, like I said, I have the pictures to prove it. The other two took turns with the camera as we rolled around on the blanket, fucking all afternoon. When I was too tired and spent to go on, they got all hot and heavy for me until I regained my strength. I still can’t believe that it all happened. My roommate and I still fuck each other as often as possible even though we are both dating other people.

If it wasn’t for the pictures of me and these hot nude babes in my back yard, I don’t think I would even believe that it had happened the way it did. Damn, life can be good sometimes!

Got to Love Getting Email from the Babe of the Day


I got put on the coolest ever mailing list from this site online that I found a few weeks ago. Every day I get a hot babe of the day picture sent to me in my email. Not only is she hot, but she also sends me a private little message along with it. Now, I know what you are thinking because I was thinking the same thing, that it couldn’t possibly be just to me. It must be some mass email thing that everyone gets. Well, you are wrong and so was I. After I signed up with a completely different email address and name, I got the same babe of the day picture but two completely different messages with them.

Now, that is what I call service. Not only do you get the picture sent to you but everyone seems to get a different message sent with the picture. Seriously, they are different with everyone that gets the photos sent to them. It makes my day so much better when I open my email and see my hot babe of the day picture waiting for me. For some reason, I just can’t seem to make it through my day without at least checking my email to make sure that my hot picture is waiting for me, and my nice little message that comes with it.

I think that a lot of those babe of the day sites that you get in your email just send out the same thing to everyone that joins. But for this site to send out different messages along with the pictures is something fantastic. I even have friends of mine that get the same picture but we always get different little messages from those hot daily emails. It sort of gives it a personal touch.

I don’t think that the babe in the picture is actually sending out all the emails but if it is, then she must be working her little fingers off the bone sending out that many a day. If it’s not her, then there is a small team of hot babes sending out these messages everyday with the babe of the day pictures and it’s making all the guys very happy. I know that every time I read my emails and see my message from her, I am just the happiest guy on the planet, especially since I get two different ones every day.

Wow, The Tits on those Busty Babes are HUGE!

nuts_topless_babes_11Some guys really enjoy those girls with no tits, but me, I like busty babes. I like the girls that have tits so big every time they bend over you risk having them pop out and show the world what they are made of. It’s exciting to know a woman can’t hide what she has because they are just too big for hiding.

Tiny chested girls can wear those sports bras with no worries but big busty babes can’t even find a sports bra that will fit them. It’s so hot to watch those nice big tits bounce when they walk and jiggle when I make them laugh. Those are the girls for me. I like them to stand out in a crowd when they are walking down the street, making all the guys, and even a few girls, take notice.

Making love to busty babes is also one of my favorite things. You can never get a good tit fuck when you are with a girl who has a small chest. They try so hard to push them together but it never feels as good as when a busty girl pushes those huge tits together and you can slide right up in between them. Also, you have something to grab onto when you are fucking them doggy style. Especially when they are hanging down and their big hard nipples are rubbing against the bed making them get even harder.

Busty babes are the only women I like to be with. Sure the girls with little tits are pleasant and good at conversation, and there are a few that are really good at giving blow jobs, but you need a girl with nice big tits to really show you how to have a good time. They know how to do things with those big tits that you just can’t imagine doing. To top it all off, they really enjoy doing those things, too.

If you go out there and find yourself some busty babes to have some fun with, you won’t regret it in the least. It’s the only way to know you are having a good time cause those big tits have huge nipples and they always point out that they are having fun when you lick them just right. Do you know what I mean? Give it a try the next time you are fucking a busty babe. You’ll see I’m right.

If Only There were Younger Babes Here Right Now


I love younger babes; they are the ones you really need to hook up with, if you get the chance. The older more mature babes are OK if all you want to do is fuck them once, but those younger ones like to do more than just fuck. They like to go out and party all night long and fuck all day, then turn around and do it all over again. That is what I call fun, personally.

In fact, I was with some younger babes this last weekend and never got a wink of sleep. After hitting all the clubs at night, we would go back to their place and fuck all day long. Although, with me being a bit older than them, I was watching quite a bit. But even just watching them was better than sitting at home with an older babe watching television or reading a book or something like that. Those younger babes really know how to party, and that is what we did all weekend.

Now, I’m a bit too old to be doing that all the time but one weekend a month I go out and find me some younger babes to party with. They have a certain way of making a guy my age feel like I’m in my 20’s again. It’s good to know that they like to fuck as much as I do. The older babes just don’t seem to want it quite as often as I do anymore.

I think the best thing about hanging out with the younger babes that I was with this last weekend is that they were all very much into each other, too. There is just something about hot young babes sucking on each other’s tits and clits that can drive an old man like me into cardiac arrest. Not that I would mind having to take a ride in an ambulance if the reason I have to take that ride is from watching younger babes having a go at a lesbian sexual encounter. And don’t even get me started on how wet they were making their pussies, either. Words just can’t describe how hot and horny they were making me that day. It’s like the gates of heaven opened up and let me walk right in. Well, it would have been my personal heaven, though, not the one you hear about in church.

Sometimes It’s Not a Porn Movie, It’s Just a Sexy Babe


This sexy babe moved in across the hall from me and I have wanted to go over for about a week now to introduce myself to her, but never really got the nerve. That was until the other day when she solved that little problem by knocking on my door to borrow some sugar. Isn’t that CLASSIC?

I was just about to go out when she came over and asked me if she could borrow some sugar. I thought to myself that this is how it always happens in those hot porn movies I love to watch. The sexy girl comes over wanting to borrow something and then it ends up getting spilled all over her. Of course, she has to take all of her clothes off in order to get into the shower to clean off. Naturally, she will need someone to help wash her back, and I am up to the task. It was the perfect set up for a great day.

I got her some sugar and handed it to her. This sexy babe looked at me and smiled that knowing smile like it was time for the fun to begin. I started to visualize how she would be carrying the cup of sugar and would turn, stumbling a bit and spilling the sugar all down the front of her shirt. I was starting to enjoy thinking about what this sexy babe was going to be like when she glanced down and started to giggle and point down at my crotch. I was a bit nervous as just what she was finding so amusing in that area of my body.

I decided to look down and noticed that my cock had decided it wanted a better view of this sexy babe itself, and was trying with all its might to bust through my jeans for a better view. That’s when it all turned in the wrong direction. Mistaking her giggles for that of a super horny woman, I asked her if she needed anything to stir her sugar with. I thought it was a very clever remark and most porn movies would never have come up with something so clever. That is when this sexy babe slapped me across the face. I was more stunned than hurt, though, as any good porn would not have had slapping like that in it. Well, not on the face, anyway. I guess I learned that day that not all situations are like porn movies.

I’ll Have a Main Dish of Asian Babes, Please


Everyone has a preference as to what type of women they fantasize the most about. Me, personally, I like the Asian babes. I always fantasize about the ones in those cool martial arts movies that have the really long hair and know all those cool moves and how to fight. I really like the thought of being in those movies and having those epic long battles of good and evil. Then, just as we are starting to wear each other out, the Asian beauties and me all fall down and start some huge fuck fest like you’ve never seen.

Well, it’s a fantasy, so I have the right to think about things like that. I have never actually been with any Asian babes before so I don’t know exactly what it would be like. But I love the thought of fucking a hot chick that has been using nunchucks against me for hours. After fighting back and forth for such a long time, we all fall give into our lust and cannot continue to fight any longer. We must drop our weapons and begin the new dance of sexual desire over fighting.

It takes us days before we have finally stopped with all the sex, and the Asian babes have all given up, letting their sweat soaked bodies fall before me as their master. These beauties vow their allegiance to me and only me. They gave forgotten whatever it was that they were fighting for and their only desire now is to make sure that my sexual pleasure is fulfilled.

Yes, I know it wouldn’t happen that way in real life. Actually, if a group of Asian babes came at me with weapons I would probably get my ass kicked pretty quickly, and there would be no one getting satisfied sexually if that happened. But it does make for some great times when there is nothing to do and all my mates are out of town for the weekend. I can lay in bed stroking my cock, thinking about how that epic battle would play out and just let the time slip away from me. Maybe I should find a hobby or something.

All I know is that those hours of my fantasy with those hot Asian babes are some of the best moments I have ever had while being alone. That is what makes them special for me. And I have no issues with letting anyone know about it either.

It’s not Easy Rider But Those Biker Babes were Close Enough for Me


I was driving out in the country just to have some time to myself one weekend when my damn car stalls out. I’m not much of a mechanic so I got the privilege of standing around my car hoping that someone would stop to give me a hand in figuring out what might be wrong with it. That’s when these biker babes showed up. I was more than a bit startled and thought I might be getting into a bunch of trouble that I really didn’t need.

Now, don’t get me wrong here, I like all women but with me being an optometrist, and a kind of scrawny one at that, I just knew that having a gang of females on motorcycles show up was not going to be a good thing for me. As it turned out, though, it was one of the more interesting weekends I have ever had and that included the week I spent on a dude ranch in the middle of nowhere.

These biker babes were a pretty scary bunch at first, or so I thought. There were 10 of them and they rolled up on me like those biker gangs you see in all the movies. A couple of them looked to see what was wrong with my car and said that they couldn’t fix it but there was a town a ways up the road. They offered to give me a ride to the mechanic there if I wanted to, or they could send someone for me.

I decided to go ahead with the biker babes as I didn’t feel safe being alone and it was starting to get dark. I found it a bit rough riding on the back of the motorcycle trying to hold on to a woman without touching things that probably should have been touched. To top it off, the vibration was making my cock start to get a bit excited. Suddenly, she reached back, unzipped my pants, and started to stroke my cock for me as we were going down the road. It was purely amazing that she would do that. It was even better that night when we set up a spot to camp out to wait for the mechanic to open the next morning. You would be surprised at what those biker babes did with me. I can’t tell you just how stunned I was at the hot things these women knew. Let’s just say it was a night to remember.

I’m Happy to Have ALL the Luck with Mature Babes


If there is one thing that I have learned in my years on this earth it’s that the best fuck you can get is from mature babes. It seems as if they can never get enough. For a young guy like me with the stamina to go all day and all night, it’s the perfect combination to have some fun with.

My first time with an older woman was over last summer and it was the best thing I have ever done. I was walking through the park and noticed a couple sexy older women sitting under a tree talking. I didn’t really pay much attention to them at first as there was this super hot chick in a bikini lying out in the sun, and I was really interested in getting me some of that. However, after trying to talk to her and getting turned down, I had nothing better to do than just sit there and wonder what it would have been like.

That’s when I noticed those two mature babes looking over at me and whispering to each other. I figured they were talking to each other about how I couldn’t score with that young hotty and they were laughing about it. At least that is what I thought until one of them motioned for me to come over there as the other one was running her tongue all over her lips and winking at me.

I thought what the hell? I would see what they wanted. That turned out to be the beginning of one of the best nights of my life. Those two mature babes took me to places I have only dreamed of going. I made a promise to myself that I would forget about fucking around with the younger girls and only go after older women from then on. Those young girls have no idea what real sex is all about and probably won’t until they get to be experienced like more mature women are. They may think they know what they are doing but until you have been with an older woman, or two, you never realize that they know nothing. In fact, they won’t even come close to mature babes until they are much older and more experienced than they are at that point in their lives. It’s the mature ones you need to be with if you really want a good fucking and not those younger ones.